Mike Casey

John brings one over once
to my area of the hooch
to ostensibly
show me Good’s black market purchase
a genuine AK-47
but the visit reason really??
he heard I got a big package
from my Mother’s friend
Mrs. Balian
who made the world’s best brownies
wrapped them individually in aluminum foil
and then the small foil package
each in saran wrap
hey uh buddy he says very subtle
look at this rifle and by the way
you get a package today?
OK this is the photo of JohnJohn
holding the AK-47 sideways
the banana clip
thirty-six bullet capacity
is very visible
but look close at JJ’s face
less visible
the outline of six seven reddish
sort of irregular circles
what a child would draw for circles
JJ had ringworm on his face
Doctor Medina prescribed him tinactin
told him
your towel should be washed regularly
unless you are a total idiot