Patient G by Alexander Y. Kim

Alexander Y. Kim

This composition was written as part of a reflection exercise required of all first-year medical students during their cadaver dissection at the University of Virginia. In describing his piece, the composer said:

The musical reflection involves the idea that the anatomical gift enables medical students to learn about the human body and each of its parts. As we learn more and more, we can appreciate the delicate interplay between these parts (which is represented by the successive addition of musical layers). We may go on and focus our studies on a particular part or set (which is represented by a period in which one musical part dominates), but eventually as practicing doctors we will, in some way, draw upon our complete knowledge to help patients (represented by the full set of parts, with the addition of percussion). Ultimately, we will retire from practice, but the impact of what we have learned through anatomy lab and how we will have applied that knowledge will continue (represented by the lingering percussion part).