Harrison O’Conner: Mother at 92

Kent Dixon: Knock, Knock: A Deconstruction
Henry Rozycki: Swimming Towards the Beach
Marsha Roberts: Tweaking Fate
Amy Sue Nathan: Minding Joe
Elizabeth Gauffreau: Just Breathe
Bim Angst: Murmur: A Fable
Deborah Shouse: Just for Him
Alex Kim: Morpheus M.I.A.
Carol Wood: Different Kind of Love
Lania Knight: Distant Galaxy
Sara Kirschenbaum: My Thyroidectomy
Barry Farr: If You Can Wait
Ellen Schecter: The Paradox of Pain

Sarah Becker: Pyramid
Lance Buckley: Underwater Stroll
Eleanor Bennett: A Little Soul
Lance Buckley: The Mix
Eleanor Bennett: Water for All
Lance Buckley: Random
Lance Buckley: Arting at the High
Lance Buckley: Rotunda

Thomas Dorsett: Homage to Walter Wilczewski
Courtney Hartnett: Phantom Pains
Grace Bauer: Ready
Lorraine Ryan: Why I Love Dr. Peter Wiernik, MD
Donna Isaac: About Her Losing a Breast
Lisa Friedman: Surgery
Simon Perchik: Poems x 5
Marty Silverthorne: Christmas Oranges
Marty Silverthorne: Black Angel
Courtney Hartnett: Tom
Jane Seskin: Intimidation
Telaina Eriksen: Boundary Violation
Melanie Carver: Your Labium Superius
Andrew Rooney: For Lu on a Damn Cold Day in Denver After the Test: A Kind of Palinode
Andrew Rooney: The Disease in Repose
Barry North: Suppertime at the Nursing Home
Molly O’Dell: Through the Parking Lot
Joanne Clarkson: In the Oncologist’s Waiting Room
Carmen Germain: Patient Waiting, University Medical Center
Rachel Barenblat: Change
Teri Eckels: Muses
Rick Smith: At Santa Monica and Western
Andrew Rooney: On Touching My Father’s Penis
Carol Baldwin: Why I Never Went to College
Carol Baldwin: Grandma Olson
James Dickson: Ordo Morbus
Dirty Poet: 4:45
James Dickson: Punctuation
Anthony Robbins: To Whom No Right of Dominion Had Ever Been
Conferred, Either by God or Man

Risa Denenberg: Aging in Place
Anne Fowler: Someone is Gathering Up
Matthew Goodman: Successor
Grace Bauer: Bach for the Birds